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240V Mains Power Meter
Code: Power Meter

Easy to use / Monitor power consumption / Calculate running costs / Save $$$ / Help the environment.

This intelligent power meter simply plugs into a normal 240V household power point and turns it into a real-time power monitoring outlet.

You can enter the local price of your electricity and the meter will tell you exactly how much the appliance is costing to run.

In addition, the power meter tracks the power used and can display the instantaneous voltage or current being drawn as well as the peak levels that have been drawn.

The meter has backup batteries so it will not lose the stored data during a blackout or moving from point to point.

Simple to install and a valuable tool for monitoring you power consumption.


If you are interested in monitoring economy then you can use this unit to simply monitor a units Watt consumption.

The Watt screen shows the power being drawn and is how your electricity bill is calculated.

You can plug your appliances into this unit and put them into standby and see the watts being drawn. This would allow you to find power wasters in the house.

You may see the following results:
Volts 245
Hz 50
AMP 10
Watts 47
Max Watts 320
Total On Time 10min
Cost $0.01

Energy Cost On The Rise

In NSW energy costs have been on the rise and since we started selling these units in 2008 the cost per kWh has risen from $0.13 to $0.19 in Nov 09 (a rise of 46%), and in July 2010 it is expected to rise by another 13-21%. In fact it is estimated by the EUAA that prices will rise by a further 65% by July 2013. That means that between Nov 08 and July 13 your electricity costs will rise by over 140%.

How This Unit Can Help Understand Power Costs & Save Money

You can then enter the price you pay per kWh from your electricity bill which may be $0.19 incl GST (Nov 09 Sydney Integral rate) and let it run for the week, at the end of the week it will show you how much that unit has cost this week.

A useful test is to use a power board to run your home entertainment unit (TV, Stereo, Video Recorder, Foxtel, DVD player, etc) and plug it into this meter then turn them all off but keep them plugged in which leaves them in standby mode and see how much power they still draw over night. You might be surprised!

We know that our normal light globes use 100 watts our down lights use 50 watts and our fluro tube lights use 35 watts but who knows what their TV, computer, stereo, dryer, washing machine, vacuum, kettle, toaster, pool pump and the second fridge use.

How can you save money?

List Price:A$39.95
Your Price:A$29.95 (You save A$10.00)