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(Piano Gloss Black with Silver Insert)
Code: WS-1910-IT

You don't need to be a meteorologist to be a weather expert. Keep up-to-date with current and forecasted atmospheric conditions at a glance. With two small outdoor weather sensors, this mini pro wireless weather
centre precisely measures, records and forecasts all the basic weather parameters that you need and displays them on a compact stylish LCD screen. All parts come ready assembled in the box so you can easily set it
up in a matter of minutes. Handy features include three forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure; indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure with history graph and much
more. LCD screen comes with inbuilt desk stand and can be easily wall mounted.

IT Technology - A Revolution In Technology

"Instant Transmission" is a revolutionary state-of-the-art new wireless transmission technology, exclusively developed by LA CROSSE TECHNOLOGY.
"IT +" offers an immediate update of all the outdoor data measured from the transmitters, now you can follow your climatic variations in real-time !

1) Instant Transmission: With IT +, the information displayed on your weather station are immediately updated every 4 to 8 seconds, instead of the traditional 3-5 minutes intervals.

2) Interference free: IT + includes an electronic batch which prevents any interference between similar products, located in the immediate environment. No chance to receive the information of your neighbour. This is a real revolution!

3) Reduced batteries consumption: you might think that because of the increased number of transmissions, the batteries consumption would be greater. No, with the new revolutionary IT + battery consumption is halved, this means your battery life is doubled!

4) Frequency : IT + works on the 915MHz frequency in Australia which is much less crowded, so there are much fewer disturbances and interferences. The maximum transmission distance is 100m (in an open field) : the information is more accurate and the data transmission's stability is improved.

5) Swiss sensor: naturally, the IT+ Technology is associated with the famous high definition La Crosse Technology Swiss sensor (for temperature, hygrometry and pressure), which provides from 1 to 99 % RH in 1 % resolution and with a +/-3 % accuracy.

Typical Users:
• person with a general interest in temperature and rainfall
• used to monitor weather before boating or sporting evens
• learning tool for children or educational institutions
• used to monitor weather & rainfall for agricultural industry

WS-1910-IT Set Includes the following Freatures:

• Large LCD screen display with push button controls
• Time display
• Calendar with date display
• Display of extensive weather data
• Records of all minimum and maximum values along with time and date of their recordings
• Indoor and outdoor temperature display in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Outdoor relative humidity display
• Air pressure reading in inHg or hPa
• Wind speed in mph, km/h, m/s
• Wind chill temperature display
• Storm Warning Indicator
• Dew point temperature display
• Weather forecast display by weather icons (sunny, cloudy, rainy)
• Displays weather forecast history since last change in conditions
• Storage of 140 sets of history weather data recorded in 3-hour intervals
• LCD Dimensions: 82 x 82 mm
• Power Consumption: Base Receiver Station: 3 x AA batteries
• Battery life: up to 2 year in the base station
With Optional Rain Gauge:
• Detailed display of rainfall data in 24 hours and total since last reset in inch or mm

Outdoor Specification

- Temperature Range: -40°C to +59.9°C in 0.1°C.
- Humidity Range: 1% to 99% in 1%
- Wind Speed 0 to 180km/h
- Optional Rainfall Sensor (self emptying) 0 to 9999mm
- Transmission Range up to 100m
- Measurement Intervals 4.5 sec

Indoor Specification

- Temperature Range: 0°C to +59.9°C in 0.1°C.
- Air Pressure 919hPa to 1080hPa in 0.1hPa

Outdoor Thermometer-Hygrometer Transmitter

- Measure outdoor temperature and humidity
- Gather wind data and transmit to display unit wirelessly
- Supply DC power to wind sensor
- Battery operated (2 x AA) battery life up to 2 year
- Dimensions: 136 x 71 x 73 mm

Wind Sensor

- Measure wind speed (not direction)
- Wind Speed 0-180km/h
- Connected by cable to Outdoor Thermo-Hygro Sensor for wind data transmission and power source (No separate power supply needed.)
- Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 120 mm

Optional Rain Sensor TX32U-IT - (Wireless for easy installation)

- Wireless signal back to base station
- Measurement Intervals 6 sec
- Battery operated (2 x AAA)
- Battery life up to 2 year with good quality alkaline batteries
- Dimensions: 140 x 70 x 137 mm

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